Numbers Going Down - Social Distancing Working

It's starting to look very positive! The number of new COVID-19 infections are starting to go down and the curve is beginning to flatten! To make sure it continues this way, we urge everyone to remain diligent and continue to follow heath guidelines. Together, we can beat this thing! Remember, if you need us, we're just a phone call away.


During COVID-19, we’ve been continuously evolving and implementing new protocols to ensure that our patients get the best possible care in the safest possible way. This predominantly involves reducing foot traffic/face-to-face time. Below is a summary of some practices we’ve implemented to keep everyone safe:- Stay at home and use the phone All initial consults are booked as phone consults. The doctor will call you at your booked time. Many things such as scripts and referrals can be done over the phone. Scripts can be faxed to your preferred pharmacy and referrals faxed or emailed if you’d prefer. Where needed, video conferencing can be arranged. We are currently BULK BILLING ALL PHONE CONS

Phone Consults Bulk Billed

Keeping a distance helps keep us all safe. There are many things we can help with over the phone. If you've had a phone appointment but the doctor feels that a face-to-face consult is necessary and appropriate, he/she will organise this for you. To help everyone out during this time, we are continuing to bulk bill all GP phone consults for patients with a valid Medicare Card. Practice Social Distancing. Keep Safe.

Welcome Dr Huy Nguyen!

We're excited to welcome Dr Huy Nguyen to the team! He's a senior registrar and has a special interest in mental health and sports medicine!

Welcome Dr Jenni Lyne!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Dr Jenni Lyne to the team! She is a GP registrar and has a special interest in skin excisions and women's health!

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