Coronavirus - 12th March 2020

Dear Patients,

To help with the control of the coronavirus, we ask for your cooperation in the following:-

If you’ve been anywhere overseas and have a fever or cold like symptoms (or you believe you have coronavirus), we ask that you go to the emergency department (The Royal Melbourne, Sunshine Hospital or Northern Hospital are the closest here) - they have the adequate setup and testing equipment for this.


call 1800 020 080 for the most up to date advice on the coronavirus and what to do.

Otherwise, if you haven't been overseas, or had contact with anyone who's been overseas, but have a fever or cold like symptoms, we ask that you let reception know when making a booking. We will request that you wear a mask and wait in a separate room (or in your vehicle) as a precautionary measure to minimise spread to others.

We appreciate your cooperation,

The Team at Essendon Fields

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