Our Response to COVID-19

We've been working on the way the clinic runs and is structured, to minimise any chance of cross infection between patients. Below are some of the things we've been doing:-

  • Where possible and appropriate, we continue to encourage people to wait in their cars and/or have phone consultations

  • Replaced sections of our walls which touch the chairs with a perspex panel, which allows for easy cleaning and sterilisation

  • We sterilise all commonly touched surfaces with hospital disinfectant throughout the day

  • We screen patients who want to come in for face-to-face consults

  • For the few patients who choose/or have to sit in the waiting room, chairs are separated to encourage social distancing (whilst allowing members in the same household to still sit together).

Thank you to everyone in our community for assisting us as we make these changes to better serve the community as a whole. Keep safe, and look after each other (from a distance!).

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