UPDATE: Face Masks and Face-to-Face Consults

Face Masks

If you've been into the clinic recently, you would have noticed that all staff members (including reception) have been wearing face masks. As the numbers increased, we felt this was an appropriate and responsible step to take.

Today (19th July) it was announced by the premier of Victoria that face coverings will be compulsory for everyone in Melbourne as of Thursday 23rd July. Everyone stepping outside the house as of this date, will be required to wear one.

Hence, anyone coming into the clinic from Thursday 23rd July, will need to wear a face covering before being seen.

All GP Consults Must Start with Phone Consult

All initial bookings from Monday 20th July will need to be a phone consult. Your doctor will ring you to help with your requirements or concerns at the booked time.

We are currently bulk billing phone consults for everyone with a Medicare card.

Your doctor may suggest a face-to- face appointment after speaking with you if they feel it's safe and appropriate for your care.

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