During COVID-19, we’ve been continuously evolving and implementing new protocols to ensure that our patients get the best possible care in the safest possible way. This predominantly involves reducing foot traffic/face-to-face time.

Below is a summary of some practices we’ve implemented to keep everyone safe:-

Stay at home and use the phone

  • All initial consults are booked as phone consults. The doctor will call you at your booked time. Many things such as scripts and referrals can be done over the phone. Scripts can be faxed to your preferred pharmacy and referrals faxed or emailed if you’d prefer. Where needed, video conferencing can be arranged.

  • We are currently BULK BILLING ALL PHONE CONSULTS for all patients with a valid Medicare card. This is to ensure you still have access to good healthcare without the extra exposure risk or financial burden.

  • Following a telephone consultation, if the doctor determines that a face-to-face consult is necessary and safe, this can then be organised.

Wait in the Car

  • Patients to be seen face to face are asked to ring us when they arrive outside the clinic. The doctor then calls the patient when they are ready. There are seating arrangements in the main foyer for those arriving on foot. The waiting room will only be used as a last resort. Patients in the waiting room must be free of COVID symptoms and wear a mask.

In the Clinic

  • We have arranged the seats at least 1.5 m apart (only those from the same household are to sit any closer to each other).

  • We have installed protective barrier screens at front desk between patients and reception.

  • We have installed a cleanable surface on the walls behind the chairs.

  • Hand Sanitiser are always made available at front desk.

  • We are regularly sterilising frequently touched surfaces throughout the day (we use medical grade sterilisation products).

  • All staff are wearing masks/face shields at all times (including admin staff).

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