Have You Had Your Flu Vaccination?

If you haven't had one already, now's the time to start looking into having your flu vaccination.

It is still highly recommended that people are vaccinated against the flu this year (because it hasn't gone away!).

If you qualify for the government funded vaccine, the vaccine will be free of charge, along with the consult (if the flu vaccine is all you're coming in for).

Those who qualify for the government funded flu vaccine include people who are:-

* 65yrs and older

* 6 months - under 5 yrs

* pregnant

* those with certain medical risk factors (please discuss this with the doctor)

* Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

If you don't qualify for a free government flu vaccine, the private vaccine cost is $20 +GST.

The consult will be bulk billed if the flu vaccination is all you're coming in for ( and you have a valid Medicare card).

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