Billing Update (from 4th April 2022)

Since we opened our doors in 2015, we've kept our gap fee as low as possible . Due to the continued increase in running costs and continued hike in medical consumable prices, we've made the hard decision to increase our gap fee by $5 to allow us to continue providing the same quality of care.

New Fees as of the 4th April 2022


  • Bulk Billed if you meet the concessional rates below

  • Gap - $30 (if you don't meet the Bulk Billing criteria below)


  • Gap - $25 (if you meet the concessional criteria below)

  • Gap - $40 if you don't meet concessional rates below (provided you have a valid Medicare Card)

Patients without a Medicare Card will need to pay in full 

During COVID-19 - Phone Consults

As of the 4th April, we will be moving away from phone consults to get back to providing the same quality of care as pre COVID.

Phone consults will only be available to patients who are in isolation or have COVID like symptoms.

Face-to-Face Consults

The above gap fee applies. Refer to the below to see if you're eligible to be bulk billed on weekdays.


We are a Mixed Billing Practice.  As such, fees are payable for the practitioners you see.

For the purposes of our fees, we have a concessional rate, and a full rate. 

For concessional rate, consultations are bulk billed weekdays.


  • Under 16 years old

  • Hold a Healthcare Card

  • Pensioner Concession Card

  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

  • DVA Card

  • From the Retirement Village that we service

Please note, when you pay just the gap fee, Medicare will pay the doctor the rest of the consult in the form of a cheque. Unfortunately, they post this cheque to our patients to bring back to us.  It is for the doctor, so please bring it back whenever you're in the neighbourhood.

Non Attendance Fee

As we're an appointment based clinic, please be mindful of other patients wanting to book in. 

If you cannot attend an appointment, please ring our reception to cancel and avoid a non attendance fee. 

Repeat non attendance for GP or physio consults (3 or more) without notice, will incur a non attendance fee of $50+GST.